Castilleja Wikipedia Group

January 2009

Purpose: To work collaboratively to create and submit an needed article to Wikipedia. For a list of requested wikipedia articles, click here. Inspired by Megan Conn's wonderful article in Counterpoint titled, "In Defense of Wikipedia," members of the Castilleja community decided to form a group to learn more about Wikipedia by actually working to contribute an article to this community encyclopedia.

First Meeting Date, Time and Location: Tuesday, January 20th, 2009 at 2:15 in the library

RSVP for this first meeting: Megan Conn, Mary Jean Conlon, Matt Montagne

Wikipedia's School and University Projects page has suggestions and guidelines for academic contributors, links to lists of most-needed articles, templates for pages, and lots of other useful info.

Meeting Notes

January 20th: Ida H., Meg T., Megan C., Mr. Montagne, Ms. Conlon and Ms. Kauffman enjoyed snacks provided by Megan while talking about what our group might learn and accomplish. Megan has had a look at the most requested articles page in Wikipedia, and noticed one topic that might be interesting for us: women in international media. We agreed that we would all look at this list and come up with one or two other topics in this initial stage of narrowing down our work. Meanwhile, we should all register for Wikipedia accounts as part of the process of becoming full fledged users. Ms. Conlon suggested that contributing one's own photographs is an easy way to get started with contributing to the Wikipedia.

Our Wikipedia Contributions

Ms. Conlon contributed photographs from a recent trip to this page about Inishmaan, one of the Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland.