Professional Development

Professional development options in the area of instructional technology

2008-2009 Conferences - This is a dynamic listing of conferences taking place during the 2008-2009 academic school year. There are local, regional, national, and even some virtual conferences to choose from.

School visits - We will be offering a host of school visit options starting at some point in December or January. We'll be arranging school visits to sites that are currently involved in different stages of 1-1 programs. Dates and times for these visits TBA.

Moodle Users Unite! -

Summer 2009
A range of opportunities for professional development during the summer of 2009 will be offered. Some of the possibilities include the following:
  • Summercore 2009 at Castilleja! We're pleased to bring back Steve and Lynne to over version 2.0 of Summercore here on our campus. We don't have specific dates and times, but we do know that it will take place during a week in June.
  • Moodle Users Unite! My goal is to write a grant to support several interested teachers in their effort to build up their courses in Moodle. This is very tentative and subject to approval, but I'm envisioning a 2-3 day paid experience where interested faculty get together to work with each other to develop course content in this powerful virtual learning environment. Stay tuned for more information!