Guiding Questions for Student Live Blogging of the US Presidential Inauguration

Tips for the Collaborative Live Blog:
Just a few tips and reminders for the live blogging experience:

1. When directing a comment at a particular person, use the "@" symbol and then the person's name
2. Please use your real first name and last initial
3. As you are watching the event, contribute the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind...that is really what a live blog is. Those thoughts can be commentary, questions, re-stating what you hear in a way that makes sense to you, etc. Sometimes you might want to use quotation marks to quote a statement and then comment on it.

A Few Guiding Questions

-What are the most pressing issues that you think President Obama should tackle in his first 100 days??

-As young people, what are some of the world-wide political issues that you're most interested in right now??

-What excites you most about Barack Obama as the new President of the US?

-What is the student vibe like in Montreal, and to a larger degree, greater Canada regarding the new President?? Likewise, what is the student vibe in Palo Alto and the greater US?

-What are some lesser known ways that the US President impacts the political eco-system in Canada?

Follow Up if Interested:
As a follow up to this experience, if anyone would like to join the Palo Alto students tonight on our radio show, The Gator Radio Experience, we would love to have you on the show. You can listen by going to and if you'd like to participate you can connect to us via skype or we can call you in (give your phone number to Mrs. Peters and we'll call you to join the conversation). We'll be talking to a couple of people who will actually be in DC tomorrow at the inaguration.

The show will be on from 9:30 PM to 10:30 PM Eastern Time