Be sure the different network connections are ordered properly. Ethernet 1st, airport second (Ethernet first for netbooting)

Partitioning the hard disk with a data drive and an OS drive

We want a hidden admin with a back door

Add a DHCP name (Dennis wanted this), get MAC addresses, LDAP/OD Binding

"Personalize" the setup done file can help with this...

Test to make sure local users can run apps first...then test from the network accounts to make sure they work.

At Punahou the students are all admins. But at most 1:1 schools, students don't have admin privileges.

Cisco NAC Device in our plan doesn't work with Macs.

Jim Tobin (1:1 expert with apple) Tommy Hahn (Wireless expert) Trevor Von Stein (did the image for Reed Union IT dude)

Mentoring on imaging (3-4 weeks lead time)