Here are some great pieces of collateral that may help you in better understanding Google Apps holistically and could also help you better communicate the benefits and features within your organization. Let me know if there's anything specific I can provide too!
Top 10 reasons to use Google Apps! intl/en/edu/sell.html
Other schools using Google Apps Education Edition (includes profiles as well as case studies) intl/en/edu/customers.html
What does deployment look like? - A 6 step overview (with details) to the deployment process a/bin/
Video Intro to Google Apps - A great overview to Google Apps EDU by Jeff Keltner, one of the Apps EDU leads within Google. v=IRYRbPCHTck
Google Apps Education Youtube Channel - Resource for all Google Apps EDU videos available online. play_list?p=A65712388F4A60FC
Google Apps EDU FAQ - Great resource. support/hosted/bin/ answer=139019
I've also attached a few PDFs that include some great case studies as well as a general Google Apps EDU datasheet. I hope this is helpful!

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