Goals for the coming school year:
1. Become acquainted with the school culture at Castilleja
2. Attend 2-3 regional and/or national conferences
3. Work with the committee to prepare the school community for the 2009/2010 1-1 initiative
4. Continue to explore and push the boundaries of open source software opportunities for the school community (this meshes with the laptop initiative)

To do list for upcoming year:
1. Setup Google Apps for Education account for the school community...consider other school-wide collaborative tools (ed.voicethread, etc)
2. Pilot and evaluate various school wide course management systems (Moodle for example).
3. Pilot and evaluate options for a school wide personal digital learning space network for our students (eg-Leopard Server's Blog/Wiki tool, WordPress MU network, .Mac/MobileMe from Apple, etc)
4. Decide upon club options for upcoming year (Castilleja Radio Network, Student Webcasters, Programming with Scratch)