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Script/Notes for First Show:

First Broadcast: Tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd at 8:00 pm Pacific

10 minutes:
  • Intro/show overview: A little information on what this show is all about...times it will be people can participate in the all shows will be recorded and posted as podcasts, etc.

20-25 mins -
  • Political conversation/campaign 2008 (anyone have a special guest in mind??)

15 minutes:
  • Music update...perhaps play some music and Sam's recorded interview??

5-10 minutes:

  • Closing
Next Broadcast: Be sure to let listeners know when the next broadcast is taking place, who will be on the show, what the theme is, etc.

Outro: "We thank you for listening to broadcast #1 of the Gator Radio Station...we've been broadcasting live on the Gator Radio Channel of the Castilleja Radio network. We'll see you on -insert date here- for our next broadcast. Good night.