French III Voicethread Projects

December, 2008

To embed your project on this page, do the following:
1. Click "Edit this Page"
2. In the Editor toolbar, click the little TV icon
3. Choose "Other HTML"
4. Paste in the embed code from Voicethread.
5. Click OK
6. Type your first name and last initial above your Embedded voicethread project.

NOTE: In "Thread Options, set the last three options to NO
Under Share, change the publishing options to "Public, Yes Comments" and turn comment moderation ON. This allows you to approve all comments on your Thread.

Link to a screencast that shows you how to embed Voicethread projects in a wiki.

Embed Projects Here:

Mattie K Nicole C

Julie L.

Lindsey W.

Ileana C

Megan M.

Emily M.

katie k.

Frankie A.

Claire P

Catalina R.

Zara S

Emily W


Aurora R

Ana V.

Emily H

Mitra A