January 18, 2010

Dear Freecyle Twitter Support,

Thank you for helping me resolve my challenge with the censorship of my postings to the Freecycle Menlo Park group . Below you will find exact copies of my postings to the Menlo Park, California FreeCycle community (freecyclemp@yahoogroups.com). I am an every day environmentalist and work hard to reuse, recycle, repurpose, and minimize the acquisition of un-needed goods.

I emailed the admins two times now and I have not heard back from them. If my postings are being censored due to the links to images, then I would recommend that this posting restriction be revised. Images are an essential component to good faith transactions like these.

I have good faith in the Freecycle movement and concept, but do not feel as though the current operational restrictions are still relevant. Until I receive assurance that the Freecycle community will be modernizing their operational practices, I will move to using other digital platforms to connect with others for the free exchange of un-wanted/needed goods.

Matt Montagne
Menlo Park, California

Posting #1:

OFFER: Futon and Frame (Menlo Park)

Body of Email:
Futon is in excellent condition, but the frame is broken. With a small fix, the frame is still operational in both the couch position and folded down bed position. Image posted here: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2767/4282847620_a11f2de703.jpg
End to end in the couch position the futon measures 79 inches.

Posting #2:

Subject of email: Offer: Sharp Carousel Microwave (Menlo Park)
Body of Email:
Sharp Carousel Microwave in good condition. Image of Microwave posted here: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4060/4282698884_320aeefa08.jpg Dimensions: 18" (W) X 14" (D) X 11 1/2" (H)


Hi Matt,

We don't have any general rules about images, while local groups may, for some reason, have restrictions on them (though, this isn't usual). Groups that operate within Yahoo! Groups have the option of allowing images in the group.

Groups on our new system, 'My Freecycle', have images supported natively. We recognize the need for images and built this into our system as it was being designed. You can upload an image while creating your post (just as you would with an email attached), the image is then automatically associated with the offer, so other members will see it automatically on our website.

As for the issue of the local moderator team not responding to your emails, I really do apologize for this. Can you please send our info team an email at info@freecycle.org, they will be able to get to the bottom of what's going on locally.

I hope this helps.