Frequently Asked Questions about the Free and Open Source Software Disc

1. What is Free and Open Source Software (sometimes called FOSS, FLOSS, OSS)?

2. Why put the software on a disc? Well, we realize that all of this software is freely available for downloading via the web. However, we wanted to come up with an easy way for staff, students and faculty to access some of this powerful software in one central location.\

3. Where should I begin? There is SO much on this disc. Well, good point. But there could've been even more! While it seems like alot of software, in reality there is much more out there on the web. We selected the titles that we think are most useful to students, teachers and staff. For starters, go ahead and install Open Office 3.0 which is located inside of the Office folder on the disc. If you have a suggestion for version 2.0 of the Castilleja FOSS Disc, please stop by the tech department and let us know! We'd love to include your suggestion on version 2.0!

4. How do I get the most up to date version of this software? Visit the web links to the software program websites above for the latest versions of the software.

5. What if my computer is old. Will all of this software work? Probably not. In order to verify whether or not the software will work on your machine, visit the websites for the software programs in question. There may be an older version of the software that will work with your system.

6. What kind of computer will this software work on? - There are two folders on the disc. One folder full of software for installing on a windows computer, and the other for installing software on your mac.

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