Digital Storytelling Resources

Finding images for your project:
I typically suggest to folks who are creating mixed media stories that they go through the following progression when selecting images/media for projects:

1. Use original, home grown pictures/videos/audio that you've created.
2. If it is not possible to use photos and videos that you've created, then use media licensed in the Creative Commons . Watch this very short video to learn more about the Creative Commons.
3. If #1 and #2 are not possible, consider using media that other people, but you must gain their permission. It can be time consuming to gain permission from the copyright owners, but if you tell them it is for a school project and you will not be using the media for profit, people generally consent.

Searching Images in the Creative Commons:
Flickr Storm - This is a wonderful third party flickr search tool. By default it searches images licensed in the Creative Commons.
An advanced Creative Commons search at flickr - This may be done by visiting flickr, clicking search, and then doing an advanced search for Creative Commons licensed images (check the Creative Commons options at the bottom of the advanced search page at flickr.

Advanced Google Image Search - Google offers the option to search for items with varying usage rights. When using the advanced image search tool, be certain that you change the "Usage Rights" to something like "labeled for reuse" and that you search for large images using the image size filter (for media projects, something like a minimum of 1024 X 768 makes the most sense). See the screenshot below for the two settings to check on. Finally, just because an image shows up as "labeled to reuse" doesn't mean that it necessarily licensed for us to use without permission. Many images are often times reused without permission and then remixed in a new format with an open just be aware.

NOTE: Choose HIGH RESOLUTION photos for your project. Low resolution photos will look quite poor in your final project.
google advanced image search