Castilleja Free and Open Source Software Disc
Version 1.0
March 2, 2009

Castilleja Open Source Software Disc FAQs
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Castilleja Open Source Software Disc Contents:

Office Software
-Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation
Open Office 3.0 - This software is meant to be a replacement for Microsoft Office. It is a very powerful software suite and is compatible with files saved in both the .doc and .docx file formats.
Lotus Symphony - This is IBM's free office suite. It is very similar to Open Office and Microsoft Office.

Audio Editing & Podcasting
Audacity with the LAME MP3 encoder: This is a wonderful piece of software for recording and editing audio files and creating podcasts. Be sure to install the LAME mp3 encoder, as this gives Audacity the capacity to export finished audio files as mp3s, which is nice. Click "LAME MP3 encoder" link for the directions on setting up LAME (this seems like a complicated process, but it is actually quite easy!)

Drawing, Modeling and CAD (Computer Assisted Design)
Google's Sketchup - This isn't nearly as well known as the likes of Google Earth, but it is no less powerful. Sketchup is a really powerful application for making 3D models and it is fun to explore and discover with this software.

Browser and HTML Editing Software
Firefox - One of the most well known open source software titles in the universe!
Opera - A variation of Opera is used on both the Wii entertainment system and the Nintendo DS portable. Not as well known or widely used as Firefox and other web browsers, but it is extremely fast at browsing the web.
NVU - Nvu is similar to Dreamweaver and is a web authoring tool. It is actually the software that we used to create this "Read Me" HTML file.

Image Editing Tools
Skitch (Mac Only) - Extremely clever free (not open source) screen snapshot and image editing tool.
IrfanView (Windows Only) - I've never used it, but I've heard really good things about IrfanView
GIMP - Skitch and IfranView are light weight image editing tools, while GIMP is an extremely robust and high end image editing program (much like PhotoShop). The Mac version of GIMP only runs in X11.

Math Modeling Software
GeoGebra - this program is very similar to Geometer's Sketchpad, which you might know from other schools or math classes.

Scratch - Developed at MIT, Scratch is a fantastic way to learn about the world of programming and community software development. This is a really fun programming environment that allows you to create interactive programs with audio, animation, and other dynamic elements. Be sure to join the Scratch community to share your projects and view the projects contributed by others around the world.
Alice - Created by the good folks at Carnegie Mellon, Alice is a 3D programming environment that has a steeper learning curve than Scratch.

Science - Planetarium Software
Stellarium - From the Stellarium website: "Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go."

Science - Physics
Explore, play experiment with these two powerful modeling platforms:PHUN -
Numpty Physics

Screencasting and Screen Recording
Jing Project - Record screen casting videos of your desktop in increments of up to 5 minutes. Great for creating and sharing software tutorials.
Cam Studio (only available for Windows)

Skype/VOIP Communication
Skype - This app probably doesn't need an introduction...a very popular two-way video calling and voice conferencing tool. Skype to skype calls are totally free. This is the primary platform that members of the Gator Radio Experience use during our broadcasts.

Video and Audio Media Player
VLC - quite possibly one of our favorite programs on this disc...this media player will play most any type of audio/video file that you come across. A wonderful little program.